Business Day 8 – Pitfall 1 – Current Environment

As mentioned in a previous post, The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation is coming out on March 15th. That is exactly 8 business days from now. In the spirit of explaining each pitfall for each business day, here is the 1st Pitfall:

“Know Your Current Environment”

The first pitfall will help you understand what best practices are good for your company and how goals can be set appropriately. In order for a best practice to be useful, it has to be tailored to the company’s current situation (especially as it pertains to technology).

In this chapter you will find a definition of AP Automation, questions to help you find what type of automation project is best for your company and an action items chart to enable you to move forward on an automation project.

The point here is to get your company into a plan that is best for your company… novel idea huh?

For more information go to

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