Business Day 5 – Pitfall 4 – The Project

The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation will be available on March 15th!

The Project: Discover the 6 Steps to AP project “Greatness”, how each step is defined and what to expect when managing an AP Automation project.

In this chapter explore the basics of running an Accounts Payable Automation project.

  1. Scope – Current Environment + Completion Goals
  2. Build – Configure or Install
  3. Test – Examine all process and connection
  4. Train – Teach users the new process and software
  5. Go Live – Completion date
  6. Evaluate – How did you do, what would you improve?

The point here is to employ a process that ensures your project of going from a paper AP process to an automated AP process is done successfully.

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