APAutomationNews.com is dedicated to educating the accounting, finance and technological teams of organization who desire to do smart change. Change that benefits the company as well as the people who work for the company, which is the most valuable asset of the organization (people).

Meet Chris Elmore

Through real world experience Chris has gained an invaluable perspective on automation that has enabled him to develop ways to communicate the need for vision and planning when automating that are truly unique. His books, “The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation” (April 2011), “The Argument to Automate – How Innovation Can INSPIRE – Not Fire” (April 2012), and “Technology Does Nothing?” (September 2013) are the culmination of his rich experiences.

Chris has helped companies transition from a paper-based process to an automated process since 2000, and has worked in a variety of roles,
including: help desk support, training, project management, consulting, product design, QA testing, sales and strategic management. Chris lives in Charlotte, NC where business, 4 kids and a wife keep him very busy.

Contact Chris

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