Chris Elmore has written 8 books, countless articles, and is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UNC – Charlotte and Queens University of Charlotte as well as the Entrepreneur In Residents for the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. Chris severs on the board of four startups and travels the country speaking on the topics of startup success, innovation, entrepreneurship, sales, technology, blockchain and automation. Chris started AvidXchange in 2000. AvidXchange is a $1.4 billion fintech company with 1000+ employee. You can learn more about Chris Elmore’s books, presentations and can read his blog at

The #Entrepreneur’s Greatest Asset – Risk Verses Uncertainty – #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur

I think there has been somewhat of a misunderstanding with entrepreneurs and the outside world. Starting and growing a business is what most would label as too risky. Risk My … Continue reading The #Entrepreneur’s Greatest Asset – Risk Verses Uncertainty – #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur