"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it." Henry Ford,
"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." - Albert Einstein
“Half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” - Steve Jobs,
“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” - Walt Disney

The Book is a HIT!

Well… I knew that… Ok – confession time. I didn’t know if it was going to be a hit. It is not the best idea to write a book about an extremely specific topic that only affects a small group of people who work within a small group of select companies (now I know that most of my readers are accounting folks so – you are probably doing the math on that last sentence – it is not a very large target audience). In []

There is a conference for that!

Funny the english language. If I take the same sentence as the title of this blog (There is a conference for that!) and change one character it gives a completely different meaning… so… here goes: There is a conference for that? That was my wife’s reaction when I told here I was going to San Antonio TX for the 7th (that’s right more than one) Accounts Payable Automation Conference. (http://www.iofm.com/products/view/apauto11) Then she said, “that’s a great place for you to promote your []


The book is now available! Click Here for The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation Don’t you just love something for free? I do! So in the 8 Pitfalls there were two subjects that didn’t fit in any of the pitfalls, so I created bonus chapters. Bonus Chapter 1 is on Scalability. I don’t think it is too much drama to say that the term “Scalability” is the most over used term in the software biz today. You would think, in an effort []

Now is the Time! – I Love This Game!

The book is out! Time to buy! Click Here The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation I remember the day my family got an Atari 2600. We were a slow adaptors; my dad was waiting for it to drop under $100 before making the investment. The day we go it I played Defender until the images were so imprinted into my mind, when I closed my eyes that night I could still see the game and its actions clearly. Months later, and []

Business Day 2 – Pitfall 8 – The Future

The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation will be available on March 15th (That’s tomorrow)! Click Here for an Advanced Copy The Future: In this chapter, I offer my personal (Chris Elmore)  perspective on how AP Automation will evolve in the future as well as 5 technology ideas related to AP that you may want to consider as you evolve and grow into your “AP Automation Lifestyle”. The future is a difficult thing to predict, however with reviewing patterns of growth and leveraging new technology []

Business Day 4 – Pitfall 7 – Evaluation

The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation will be available on March 15th! Click Here for an Advanced Copy The Evaluation: Once you have completed your AP Automation project, this chapter will help you make sure that your goals for the project were achieved. This chapter will also help determine what lessons you learned and how to apply those lessons learned to future automation projects. When doing process change and improvement, like going from a Paper AP process to an Automated AP process, the project []

Business Day 5 – Pitfall 6 – The Training and Going Live

The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation will be available on March 15th! The Training: We will explore how to effectively deal with change management during the project and why end-user training is not about the software; it’s about dealing with change. This chapter has very practical advice on keeping training in the proper perspective. Meaning, if there is too much training on the features of the software and not enough on the process change there will be trouble when the project goes live. The []

Business Day 6 – Pitfall 5 – The Vendor

The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation will be available on March 15th! The Vendors: Find out what to tell your vendors or suppliers before you automate along with 15 questions to help you plan your vendor communications process. One of the consistent question asked is, “can my low tech vendors interact with an automated system?”It is an important question, because those vendors that may only own a cell phone and a van may be an important part of your business and you would []

Business Day 5 – Pitfall 4 – The Project

The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation will be available on March 15th! The Project: Discover the 6 Steps to AP project “Greatness”, how each step is defined and what to expect when managing an AP Automation project. In this chapter explore the basics of running an Accounts Payable Automation project. Scope – Current Environment + Completion Goals Build – Configure or Install Test – Examine all process and connection Train – Teach users the new process and software Go Live – Completion date []

Business Day 6 – Pitfall 3 – Getting Organized

The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation will be available on March 15th! Getting Organized:  Learn how to organize your company to get ready for AP Automation. There are 8 questions to determine the best type of automation project for your company as well as best practices for setting up workflow. This chapter will give you an idea of what type of automation project is best for your organization as well as frame-work on how to map a workflow process that fits your internal []


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Thanks for the laugh – will be some great reading (The 8 Ptifalls)  while I’m heading out on vacation next week


I was just telling some of my colleagues what a great presenter you are.  You are funny, engaging and sure keep the content interesting. Thanks so much!


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