Live Event and Webinar Topics

If you are interested in Chris speaking at your event, below is a list of sample subjects with description. Click here to contact us about available dates and price.

Accounts Payable Automation and the Role it Plays in Purchase to Pay – Companies know that one day AP Automation will be the norm and we will wonder how we operated with all that paper. This workshop is dedicated to helping you ask the question that need to be asked to find the right time, service provider, project plan and most importantly GOALS to ensure that your company’s Accounts Payable Automation project is a success.

The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation – Based on the book “The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation” this session will give people insight to what life will be like going from a paper AP process to a fully automated AP process.

The Secrets of Accounts Payable Automation Success – What you don’t know will hurt you when automating an accounting process. This secession will help navigate people through the jungle and keep you out of the pit!

The Argument to Automate – Based on the book – “The Argument to Automate – How Innovation Can INSPIRE not Fire” this session will explore the two reason companies have a difficult time (a) justifying automation (b) executing a automation plan.

Change is Stupid – Learn the 5 Strategies that (Probably) Won’t Kill You or Your Team – Change is the only constant. Like anything with change you can rebel, tolerate it or use it to your advantage. This session will give you 5 Strategies, not techniques, not processes, 5 pure strategies that will help your team survive and thrive with change!

The 7 ½ Things I Wish I’d Known About AP Automation Before I Started -Those that don’t know history have a tendency to repeat it. This session uses both of those tried and true statements to help you either start or improve your walk with Accounts Payable Automation.

Accounts Payable Automation is… NOT! – With all of the best practices in the world…. Maybe its time to talk about what a poorly implemented automation looks like. Adapted from the book, The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation, this session will be a fresh and entertaining look at automation that go wrong and what we can learn from them.

If Steve Jobs Ran An Accounting Department – Some people love Apple devices, others hate them, and still other don’t care. Apple Computers has a unique way of dealing with problems and opportunities. In attending this session you will get an inside look how both problems and opportunities are dealt with at Apple to give insight to: Innovation, Development and Management of People.

Tired of People Napping During Your Presentations? Based on the eBook by the same name, this session will give people the opportunity to sharpen their public speaking skill through a combination of strategies and proven techniques. Prepare yourself, however, it’s nothing like the old style of presenting.

15 Terrible Pieces of AP Automation Advice You Should Ignore –  From the popular blog post, Chris gives insight to 15 pieces of advice that is either WRONG or its time as passed for Accounts Payable Automation

The Basis Point Myth  – When looking at any type of card there is a concentration on the rebate (rightly so). Rebates are generally realized by basis points, but evaluating a card program on basis points alone won’t give you the entire story

3 Secrets of a Virtual Card Program Your Bank Doesn’t Know –  Banking is critical to business and banking relationships are important. When it comes to the payment process is seem that banks would be a natural stop. Unfortunately they have blind spots. This session will give you three things to know about virtual card that your bank doesn’t.

6 Things to do That Won’t Kill Your vendor When Outsourcing AP Scanning – There is a trend toward sending invoices to a scanning center that specializes in open mail, scanning and preparing the invoice for electronic processing. What seems like a good idea on paper doesn’t always turn out that way. Want to know why. This session will give you 6 tangible things that will make sure your outsourcing is successful.

Getting Ready for Outsourcing is Like Going on a 10 Week Vacation Without the Fun – While spending weeks in India I had a colleague get very ill and was told he wouldn’t make it. He recovered, but the outsource project didn’t. Looking back, we weren’t prepared…at all. Join this session to know how to prepare for the change that comes with outsources certain accounting process.


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