The Science of Happiness

Chris, thank you very much for an absolutely inspirational speech.  You did an outstanding job and so grateful I was able to attend.  I’m looking forward to putting your life lessons to work.  Thank you again!!

― Corey

Title: The Science of Happiness


If you do not define something you can never achieve it. If you have ever wanted to have a great day, be successful or happy and you do not have a definition, it is very difficult to obtain. This session is simply designed to motivate people to take charge of their own happiness by giving scientific background on what it means to be happy. The surprise the audience will get is how proactive they each can be to be happy because happiness is best on the quality of relationship people have with other people. The key is quality

  • All ages
  • Corporate, Nonprofit, Government or Education
  • Public or private companies
  • Entrepreneurs or Intrapreneurs
  • Conference or internal meeting
  • All industries
  • Works best with audiences over 150
  • Inside or outside venues
  • What it means to be happy
  • How to take control of happiness
  • How important others are in our happiness
  • We need to be more kind to others
  • What it means to have a “High Quality Relationship based on two key factors
    • (1) The purpose of the relationship
    • (2) No reciprocity
What Does Success Look Like?
  • It will create hope in people that happiness is possible and not only is it achievable
  • People will realize happiness it’s not as hard as they may think.
  • Success will be that behaviors will change, more meet ups to “get to know each other” and if a company values quality relationships more mutual understanding in the workplace with happen.

SCiENCE OF HAPPiNESS, last night made a huge impression upon me. Thank you, as I needed it in this chapter of my life ― Charles


Hi Chris, it was so great hearing your lecture last night and getting to meet you briefly afterwards. Your speech was really inspiring and made me feel like I’m on the right track. My two greatest take-aways were: define your happiness and invest in people around you. Thanks so much! ― Gabi