Title: The Art of The Pivot – Making Change an Asset

Title: The Art of The Pivot – Making Change an Asset


If a person can see and understand a pattern, they can make that pattern a strategy and pattern no longer will affect them. Studies have found that most people don’t like change and even if you are ok with change too much of it is extremely tiering.  This session is simple and practical because it will help people understand that there are predictable patterns in our lives, which means that if you know something, with a high probability is going to happen, chances are greater that they can plan, adapt, brace or get ready for the change. When you are prepared for something, the likelihood of that something affecting them in a negative way is very low. Change is going to happen, so you might as well learn skills to make sure you are not a victim of it.

  • People who want to grow
  • Corporate, Nonprofit, Government or Education
  • Public or private companies
  • Entrepreneurs or Intrapreneurs (the stories used are from Chris’s startup experience)
  • Conference or internal meeting
  • All industries
  • Any size group (perfectly suited for group 10 – 40)
  • Inside or outside venues, with a preference to inside
  • You don’t have to be victimized by change
  • Changing course (Pivot) is a symptom of growth
  • Change comes at the intersection of innovation, people, products and experience
  • Change is visual and tangible, which means it can be led
  • There are patterns we can understand in our jobs and lives
What Does Success Look Like?
  • More innovative products and a greater working (useful) definition of innovation
  • People willing to try more things with a better-defined outcome
  • The understanding that people are the business

Chris, just an awesome talk I and received a bunch of unsolicited feedback that you were the highlight of the event.  Great content and timely topic.  Thank you for making the trip to Raleigh! ― Art

Meeting you on our entrepreneurship tour was one of the best things that has happened in my life. Your story has motivated me to let go of my doubts and push forward with my vision. I could relate with your struggles and when you explained what kept you going was you felt that what you were working on was important & could help people – it struck a nerve as that is how I feel about my work. You are by far one of the most down to earth wealthy individuals I know plus you wicked funny. I have created a new comedy category for you – BusComedy (Business comedy – you laugh, learn how to help people and be a millionaire/billionaire simultaneously). – Terrence