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You May Have Seen Chris At One Of These Locations?

Here Are A Few Kind Words!

Chris,  Just an awesome talk I and received a bunch of unsolicited feedback that you were the highlight of the event.  Great content and timely topic.  Thank you for making the trip to Raleigh!

Art, Event Planner

Thank you for hosting our team on Tuesday. The tour and the info about the company was incredibly inspiring!  For many of the team it was a highlight of our time together in Charlotte. From an HR perspective, I loved that you seemed to personally know each person in the company by name (in spite … Continue reading Stephanie


Your honesty and ability to relate the story of your company paired with your personal journey  struck a chord with many of the participants. They were more attentive during your session than previous ones.


I wanted to send a quick thank you for being such an amazing partner during the past school year.  Your willingness to travel all around present to our students says a lot about your character.  I really appreciate everything you’ve done this year….


I was at the NC Tech conference on Friday and greatly enjoyed your panel session – I found the whole day valuable, but you particularly stood out as you made the topic so very relatable and engaging.


Meeting you on our entrepreneurship tour was one of the best things that has happened in my life. Your story has motivated me to let go of my doubts and push forward with my vision. I could relate with your struggles and when you explained what kept you going was you felt that what you … Continue reading Terrence


Hey Chris, My name is Joe, I attended the Skillspop class, “Sales 101” last week. Just wanted to follow up with you and say you were a fantastic help to me with breaking down selling on a more basic level. I incorporated your strategy on what the customers views are and in the last week … Continue reading Joe


Hi, Chris. I really enjoyed your keynote session at SIM-RTP TechConnect this week. I’ve been considering whether I should start my own company. The trick will be to develop an idea. From there, I know it’ll be TONS of work to get it off the ground, but your session really laid out the  “transient” state … Continue reading Todd


Thank you for the connection! I really enjoyed the class tonight. It was very informative and I can’t wait to start selling for my current job and future business. Looking forward to your ebook.


Chris, your message was spot on last night at the Chamber Small Business awards banquet! You are an inspiring young man and entrepreneur! Chris’s note – I was soooo happy that he called me young 🙂

John L.

Hi Chris, it was so great hearing your lecture last night and getting to meet you briefly afterwards. Your speech was really inspiring, and made me feel like I’m on the right track. My two greatest take-aways were: define your happiness, and invest in people around you. Thanks so much!


SCiENCE OF HAPPiNESS, last night made a huge impression upon me. Thank you, as I needed it in this chapter of my life


Delightful! (But you made all the wives turn and ask their husbands, “Why don’t you talk about me that way in public?”)😀


Chris, thank you very much for an absolutely inspirational speech.  You did an outstanding job and so grateful I was able to attend.  I’m looking forward to putting your life lessons to work.  Thank you again!!


Excellent talk, by the way, it was great watching your wisdom truly speak to so many people.

Matt G.

Your lecture at Think and Drink really got me thinking about where I want to be 5 years from now. I was so moved by your speech  that I decided to join ToastMasters to work on my own speaking skills. I gave my first speech last night. Even though we are nearly strangers, you have … Continue reading Gabrielle


I want to thank you for taking the time yesterday to speak with us about happiness, and the science behind it. The way you were able to articulate the information, while incorporating your personal story was truly special.

Micah, Risk Consultant

I truly enjoyed your speech and took away quite a bit that I plan to incorporate into my own leadership style. It was very inspiring.

Robert – Executive Director

What a breath of fresh air! Great to hear you speak and meet at the Arrowood Business Association Luncheon. Thanks for sharing….

Theresa, Vice President

It was very nice to meet you today at the ABA Lunch! Great words of wisdom!!! I should take a class that you teach 🙂 Keep educating!!!

Ward, VP of Sales

Thank you so much for your time today. I did get a crash course in business, leadership, customer service and GRIT! Thanks so much!

Victoria, Business Developer

Great meeting you at the ABA event today. Thanks for an inspiring presentation that really hit some great chords on what it takes to succeed!

R.C., Account Executive

Great to have the pleasure of hearing you today and look forward to working with you to grow and deepen our technology community

Brian – Dir. of Development

Chris Elmore delivered a great TechTalk on building a startup. The talk was relevant, tangible, and uniquely hilarious. Entertainment with true value is priceless. Thanks to @AdventCoworking for sponsoring.

Barrett, VP of Development

Chris Elmore is uniquely hilarious? I would agree. One of the best storytellers in Charlotte.

Eric, President

Anyone who is in Charlotte and likes startups should find a way to attend one of Chris’ talks.

Greg, Owner

It was great listening to Chris Elmore discuss how Avidxchange was built and some simple concepts that everyone in the audience can use immediately. I personally enjoyed – “you first get schooled by clients until one day you begin to school them.” Very powerful information to why you must get your product to customers quickly.

Jose – Account Executive

Chris Elmore is one of the best speakers I’ve seen! I saw him at SIM RTP a few months ago – so funny and real! Even had me texting my friends from Boone about Avidxchange and how awesome the company is!

Kaila – Event Coordinator

I very much enjoyed this event. Thanks to sponsors, host location, as well as Chris and his sense of humor. Humor is such a great teaching tool, and Chris wields it well.

John B. VP Development

Thank you for taking the time to speak to us at New York Life several weeks ago. You had an very inspirational story and I saw value in many of viewpoints and messages. Thank you.

Christopher – Life Ins Agent

Your talk at Camp North (on happiness) had a profound effect on me.

Charles L. Assoicate

Hey Chris, just wanted to say thanks for providing such great content in your sales 101 training last week. I definitely learned a lot and have some nuggets to take with me in to my business.


Estive na sede da AvidXchange (Charlotte-EUA), uma fintech de US$ 1,4 bilhão, a 9ª maior dos EUA. Perguntei ao Chris Elmore, cofundador e evangelista da empresa, qual o segredo desse sucesso. Ele disse ser a busca pela solução mais simples possível. Focaram no seu software, que identifica se a operação foi feita por meio de … Continue reading Patricia – Head of Cyber Security

Patricia – Head of Cyber Security

Within 2-3 minutes after you got started, so many of the reasons behind your sustained success were evident.  I know the youngsters benefited tremendously from the session, but you also taught an old guy like me more than a thing or two.

Jay – CEO

Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing both your time and wisdom with our students yesterday. Today I had some students share with me how much they benefited from hearing you speak. One young man shared how inspired and encouraged he felt afterwards.

Michael – Community Developer

I once took a course you taught at UNC Charlotte focused on Tech Entrepreneurship. It is still one of the best earning opportunities I have had!

Quinn – SR Developer

Chris, – as always, you hit a huge homerun with your presentation. Thank you for your personal touch with nearly every attendee. With such vision, tenacity and leadership, no wonder AvidXchange’s market value continues to so dramatically trend upward.  

Matt – CAO

Great presentation last night at the Entrepreneur Conference! So many things you said resonated with me. In particular the 5000 phone calls, hard times make better leaders and your definition of innovation and the three things innovators have to do! 

Keith – Founder

Thanks for the talk last night at SLCC. proud community college grad here too. your talking points resonated with me and my experience. I plan to put into action your thoughts on innovation is better than the last try, and your method on 5000 sales calls. Thank you. Luke

Luke – CEO

I really enjoyed your presentation at Salt Lake Community College last night. Challenged a lot of my perceptions

Ryan – Engineer

Thanks for your great stories and advice you shared last night at SLCC in Sandy, Chris! I didn’t get a chance to shake your hand after the event ended, but hope to connect at future events. I look forward to learning more about your book…

Jarom – Dir. of Sales

I was in attendance at tonight’s entrepreneurship lecture in Sandy. Loved it. Thanks

Bronson – Foreman

Hello Chris, your talk had a lot of great gems tonight. Thank you for sharing !

France – Financial Professional

I really enjoyed listening to your story and appreciated so much of what you had to say. I can tell you’ve earned stripes as an entrepreneur and a leader.

Lynn – CEO

I really enjoyed your presentation at Salt Lake Community College last night. Challenged a lot of my perceptions.

Ryan – Engineer

Your talk, while brief (thank you!) was full of the most practical and excellent ideas I have heard in some time. Your graciousness exhibited towards all the attendees during the handshakes was truly incredible. Thank you!!!

Felicia – Developer

Chris, I really appreciate the words of encouragement and enlightenment you shared with our students today. Your organization is very impressive.

Jay – Associate Director

Your weekly sessions (not classes!) are my favorite part of the internship experience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights!

Nicolas – Intern

I’m thinking about my business while I’m between two church services this morning and have applied one of your teaching from sales class about trading. My new client want (and needs) to do more with their regional managers with my help.  They won’t make the financial commitment it fully takes, but once they are seeing … Continue reading Doug – CEO

Doug – CEO

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Called a “Startup Hero” by North Carolina Business Magazine and a maverick and mold breaker by SouthPark Magazine, Chris has written 9 books, and is an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UNC – Charlotte and Queens University of Charlotte. Chris serves on the board of four startups and advisor three other Charlotte based companies. Chris travels the country speaking on the topics of startup success, innovation, entrepreneurship, sales, technology, and automation.

Chris began working at AvidXchange in 2000 as one of its earliest employees. AvidXchange, a global unicorn with a +$1 billion valuation, is one of the fastest growing fintech companies in the country with 1,300 employees across seven offices.

Chris has been on a journey to prefect a message that resonates and motivates audience since he was 18 years old. “My dad had me read the book, See You At The Top, by Zig Ziglar. I fell in love with the ideas and with making improvements in my life.” “The best testimonial I can give you to hire me to speak is my wife still loves me, loves being around me, and still thinks I am funny, and we have been together since 1992”.

Chris lives in Lake Wylie SC, where teaching, business, four kids and a wife keep him very busy.


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