Don’t Do Stupid Stuff – Selling Skills From An Entrepreneur

Title: Don’t Do Stupid Stuff – Selling Skills From An Entrepreneur


It’s very difficult to start a company and grow that company to a point to where it is stable never the less grow that company to where it’s worth over a billion dollars (1.4 to be exact). That is what Chris has done creating sales process for in the dot-com boom and AvidXchange, a fintech business unicorn worth $1.4 billion dollars, through the 2000. Chris has found that you need two things to be a successful entrepreneur, (1) Passion – and lots of it (2) The ability to sell.

It’s point two that Chris has to become truly innovative, because the selling styles of the time weren’t working. It wasn’t good enough to drill and look for pain and then solve for the pain. When you are innovative people don’t understand what you are doing (therefore no pain) and they fear the “unknown” with your offering.

Chris found that, in today’s time, it is better to be an educator than a salesperson. This session topic will give you the keys to teaching what you do, why it is important and how it work so people are able to consume it.

  • Anyone who is selling
  • Anyone that wants to sell
  • People who want to grow
  • Entrepreneurs or Intrapreneurs (the stories used are from Chris’s startup experience)
  • Conference or internal meeting
  • All industries (especially tech companies)
  • Any size group (perfectly suited for group 10 – 40)
  • Inside or outside venues, with a preference to inside


  • What it means to educate people to buy
  • Never sell on why you were sold – the customer’s opinion is most important
  • Every selling situation has a sales process – if the customer doesn’t have one – the seller must install one
  • Never discount your price… trade
  • Closing is a forgone conclusion if the prospecting/qualifying is done right
What Does Success Look Like?
  • An increase in sales
  • Professionalism in sales
  • Customer enjoying the selling process
  • Less frustration on pipeline calls

Thank you for the connection! I really enjoyed the class tonight. It was very informative, and I can’t wait to start selling for my current job and future business. Looking forward to your eBook. ― Kristi

Just wanted to follow up with you and say you were a fantastic help to me with breaking down selling on a more basic level. I incorporated your strategy on what the customers views are and in the last week my numbers have improved dramatically, especially on cold calling. You were a fantastic guide to helping my business and wanted to personally thank you. Wish you all the best in your endeavors – Joe