Doug – CEO

I’m thinking about my business while I’m between two church services this morning and have applied one of your teaching from sales class about trading.

My new client want (and needs) to do more with their regional managers with my help.  They won’t make the financial commitment it fully takes, but once they are seeing returns they’ll have more money to invest.

It dawned on me this morning that I can trade for part of the work – your menu of services needed.  Before attending your sales training I would have made sure to take something away if they needed lower price.

After your class, I’m following the same principle (don’t give it away/haggle on price), but in an additive way: commit to us working together exclusively/longer term; making introductions for me with your private equity owners who own other groups.  I’m sure I’ll have a few other ideas, too.

Just wanted you to know how you’re continuing to influence my business and life…