Chris speaks on many topics, but here are a few crowd favorites.  All topics have real-world “Big E” stories of entrepreneurial wins and flops.  His storytelling abilities about experiences on his way to success, keeps audiences on the edge of their seats either with humor or inspiration.

Entrepreneurship – He calls it the Big “E”.  What makes one an entrepreneur? What makes those top notch humans that have the ability to both create and risk all at the same time?  Chris answers those questions, while igniting a spark for using entrepreneurial techniques in your life and business.

University Entrepreneurial Education – Chris belongs in the classroom and is highly sought after by students and STEM focused academic leaders to bring a jolt of infectious curiosity and reality into the learning environment.  He is a magnet for students who want to follow in the footsteps of Steve Jobs,

  • He earned Adjunct Teacher of the Year Award his 1st year at UNC Charlotte’s College of Computing and Informatics for his Entrepreneurial focused Computer Science coursework.

Chris’ story is sure to motivate and encourage students prepping for the work world to use their creative skill as well as their education for their best.


High School Entrepreneurial Education – Chris shares options with high school students to know that they can win in college and start a career or win with a job, but the key is to do what you are called to.  He also has practical tips for those that choose another path to create their own company.

InnovationWhat are the 3 things an innovator has to know to prove they are not just talk? Audiences learn this practical and easy to apply innovation definition.  Chris has been involved in and researched this topic since 2012.  He says, the word gets thrown around way too much.  

Sales Education – The days of strong arming people to “make the sale” are over.

Customers today because of the internet are too savvy and have tons of information. Chris can teach you how to be a modern day sales person and how to become a trusted advisor that people can count on.

Selling Motivation – Your team needs a little bit of a lift.  How about a different perspective on the products they have been selling for years.   Chris can help because he combines tried and true principles like great customer service with an innovative approach to today’s customer. You team will leave with new ideas and be excited about future selling.

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