It is selling – and people are talking!

Of course – this post is different from one last week were I wrote the book was a hit at the 7th (that’s right more than one) AP Automation Conference. The difference is I am getting “real” feedback from “real” people who have read the book. Here is some:

“I like that it’s (The 8 Pitfalls) not “text booky” but yet, it’s informative & a easy/quick read. ”

“I read the book in 5 sittings, it was easy to read and gave me a lot to think about”

Not Text Booky? Easy? – I make no apologies for those types of statements… frist – I don’t think I could write a text-book if I wanted to – and second, in the world of technology we (including myself) make things soooooo complicated for no reason. Sometimes I think  something that is tied to technology isn’t complicated we believe that it has less value. That’s not the case – That’s also why I wrote the book. To take the stress out of going from Paper to Automated.

The point here is the 8 Pitfalls is easy and helpful… imagine that?

To get your copy – click here to buy. – Enter discount code: 3TLNYK6C to receive the book at the introductory price of $19.99

For more information go to

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