Who’s Scale Measures Scalability?

Since 2000 I have had the great pleasure of sitting in as well as presenting several thousand software demos. For those of you who do not know this, a software sales engineer or sales person is required by the unwritten law of software to use the word “scalability” in every meeting, pitch, demo or phone call. If they don’t they will be black balled from the world of software sales. When I was demonstrating software I would get to the scalability point and say, “Ok, here it comes – the one word that every consultant has to say.” I would pause to make sure the air was thick with anticipation. Then I would say… “It’s scalable!” There would be groans and a little bit of a letdown. Then I would explain why it is scalable. However, in this world of software and software sales, I think sales representatives don’t know what it really means and why it is important.  Even if the sales person knows what scalability is, they take it for granted that the prospective client knows the term or knows the true impact of the term.

Here is how the dictionary defines scalability:

The ability of something, especially a computer system, to adapt to increased demands[1].”

That’s a great working definition

The definition explains that the more data (of strain) you put on a system without the appropriate capacity the system will not work to capacity. (Furthermore) The problem with scalability as it pertains to an automated environment is the above definition is only one-third of the overall scope, which is “network” scalability. I have created a way to analyze each of the three aspects, which we will call “disciplines” as it relates to automation. I am hosting a webinar later today and  I will give you a workable test you can administer to ensure that each discipline will not be a negative factor in your world.

There are three disciplines:
  1.  Network Scalability – this is the classic we all know
  2. Code Scalability – this one will bite you if you are not careful
  3. Process Scalability – highly trained pros are needed here

Join me this afternoon for a description of each how a test you can run yourself to find out how “scalable” your organization/processes are.


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