Sharks and Blogs


I read a great quote about how sharks were like blog writing. I want to take a moment to thank… well, I don’t know who to thank for all of the wonderful communication outlets that are available to someone like myself. All of the outlets have their good and bad sides. I am very thankful that when I was in college there weren’t cell phones, texting, Facebook or, especially, YouTube. I wouldn’t mind the cell phone, but texting would have gotten me in real trouble, but not nearly to the level that Facebook and YouTube would have.

(This is good) My son said that he loved going on family trips. Now keep in mind  that came from my son when he was a seven-year-old. I remember when I was his age that I hated to take family trips. They seemed so long and they were so boring. Fights between my brother, sister, and I were inevitable. So, I asked him why he liked them so much. He told me it was because of the iPad. He said that he had time to play games, watch a movie or video, and then when that got boring he could listen to a little music. I told him he was very lucky, because when I was a kid we didn’t have the iPad. He said, “Well at least you have TV in the car. Right?” I didn’t let him down easy. I went on to convey some of the pains of growing up in the seventies and said, “No, we only had three channels on our home TV (on a good day – if the clouds and wind cooperated)”. I couldn’t bear to tell him that we only had one TV. My son replied, ” I am sure glad I live today!” Oh, why is this good? Well, because Elmore family trips consist of 4 nice and quiet kids.

Here is the point. I don’t remember who wrote the quote about sharks and bloggers. I don’t even remember what the advice was, and I can’t find it on the web anywhere. So, I ask you, the world wide web with all of its outlets and connections, what was the quote?

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