What to get me for my birthday.

Well the buzz factory has begun. If this is the first time you have seen Google Glass, consider yourself to be on notice. Google Glass is what I believe to be the next big gadget that everyone will be talking about. The downside, it’s nothing people really needs. Well, no one will really need it initially… that’s until someone or some companies figure out the practical application for it.

To contrast, think of the iPad. When the iPad first came out the early tech adopter tripped over themselves to buy one and then figure out it use. Now the iPad shows up in most boardrooms and classrooms across the country because the apps have matured to a very useful point.

I must admit that I really want Google Glass. I think it is Star Trek level cool (yes – I just wrote Star Trek level cool). It’s great, it allows you to view things on the display as you are going about your day. Like reading, writing, gaming, watching TV (it’s going to be great for watching football and getting stats at the same time) driving, employment reviews, boring conversation, parent-teacher conferences… well maybe not everywhere.

Here is the thing I am worried about. After the big fanfare and the completion of the buzz factory, I am very concerned that Google Glass is going to be the modern version of the bluetooth ear bud. That’s right, there are still a few of you out there that keep yours in all the time… please stop it. I am very concerned that Google Glass is just one more thing the jocks can make fun of the nerds for…

I still want one!

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