Paper Still Has its Place – But Where?

My mom sent me this video and I had to share it.  I thought it was very appropriate, even though it is actually bathroom humor.


I give my mom a lot of credit for thinking of me when she saw this, because both my mom and dad have a very difficult time explaining to people exactly what I do. It pains my father to no end, because his father-in-law (my grandfather) had no idea what he did (he is a psychologist – go ahead, laugh, and say that makes a lot of sense). My dad’s father-in-law was so confused by my dad’s job that he just started telling people he (my dad) worked for the state. The pain my father feels comes from the fact that he doesn’t quite understand what automating accounts payable and payments means. So, he just tells people who I work with computers.

Anyway… here is the video:


Oh… I just had a thought – did my mom send me this because of the bathroom humor or because I claim to be paperless?

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