Big Day In St. Louis! – #TPCE14 and Ignite!

If you are attending the pre-conference activities today in St. Louis, for The Dynamic’s Summit come by and check out my sessions!


10:15 am, I am talking about change and the five strategies that will help when changing. The official title is, “Change is Stupid – The 5 Strategies That Won’t Kill You Team”


Then in the afternoon I have the privilege of speaking to a large group of Dynamic chapter leaders on two topics that I love:

  1. 10 Strategies to A Great Presentation, which is adapted from my book “Tired of People Sleeping During Your Presentation?”
  2. How to Be Organized In An Unorganized World – This one is about time management, which my wife says is one of my most attractive qualities.


I hope you have noticed that these are all leadership topics – very exciting day!


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