Arthur He Does What He Pleases!

Arthur He Does What He Pleases!

I had a trip scheduled to Boise ID. I decided to take my ukulele, which when I got off the airplane, I initially thought was a very bad decision. I had to check a bag and when that bag did not roll off the carousel, I was a bit angry.

For the entire day of travel, I felt terrible. I got to my hotel, without my bags, thinking that I may never see my bad again and the next day I would be forced to wear the same clothes on a video recording. I was very close to writing the entire trip off as a bust (bad attitude). I had, however… feeling bad, no luggage… the thought was, there must be a reason the UKE got hear and I had the time… so I forced myself to get up walked a mile to the downtown area and started to play. You can see the video below.

I want to write about meeting Author. He loved the music and was super cool about hanging out bobbing his head to the beat… he told me he loved G&R (Guns and Roses) which was a little too bad because the song I was doing was Motley Cure. When I refused his money he said, “I guess you can tell that I am someone of the streets.” I said that I did, and I was going to do something for him… I was struck by his genuine movement of the music, and his willingness to give me his change, so I gave him the $20 bill I had in my pocket and now he was shocked. Then I said, let’s sing a song together. He agreed. Author, which was obvious, had mental health issues. I don’t know what those issues are, I wasn’t going to ask, but I later saw him walking down the street talking to himself and watching the people steer clear of his antics. Of all his issues, as he and I were sitting there singing Sweet Child of Mine, I noticed a clam and clarity as he sang the song. I thanked him and told him he had a very kind heart and he got choked up about that. I don’t have any morel to this story, or point. It was just a cool moment between two different people that like the same music.

As he departed, I asked him not to mentioned to anyone that there is a street music that is handing out $20 bill downtown Boise… that would probably ruin the music scene.

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