Now is the Time! – I Love This Game!

The book is out! Time to buy! Click Here The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation

I remember the day my family got an Atari 2600. We were a slow adaptors; my dad was waiting for it to drop under $100 before making the investment. The day we go it I played Defender until the images were so imprinted into my mind, when I closed my eyes that night I could still see the game and its actions clearly. Months later, and through a lucrative trade with Kyle Keeter’s sister, my brother and I acquired the game Pitfall. It was a game about a man who ran through the jungle grabbing vines, swinging over pits with alligators (you had to jump on the backs of their heads too) to gain prizes (jewelry, gold…) If you missed the rope you were sent into the pit where with only a skillful, well-timed jump you could avoid getting stung by a scorpion. 

As I wrote this book I thought of that poor one dimensional fellow who I sent to his death many times because of poor execution and planning.  Not so with automated accounts payable. The 8 Pitfalls will keep you out of the pit with the right shoes on, so you will not fall into the pit. Also, in reading this book you will get the prize at the end.  It is not jewelry and gold but a product and processes that make an impact on your organization’s bottom line… and you will be the hero!

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