The book is now available! Click Here for The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation

Don’t you just love something for free? I do! So in the 8 Pitfalls there were two subjects that didn’t fit in any of the pitfalls, so I created bonus chapters.

Bonus Chapter 1 is on Scalability. I don’t think it is too much drama to say that the term “Scalability” is the most over used term in the software biz today. You would think, in an effort to write a “modern” book about AP Automation, I would stay away from a term like scalability. “On the contrary” the reason I wrote the 8 Pitfalls was to give people context as it pertains to AP Automation to terms that are used without explanation or to know what the term “really” means to Accounts Payable.

So – in the bonus chapter on scalability I explore the three types of scale that tend to impact AP Automation the most:

  1. Network – this is the classic use of the term.
  2. Process – very important – you want to make sure your process is outlined correctly so it too can grow without problems.
  3. Code – even more important – when the software is build and supported, there needs to be a pro that knows what they are doing!

The bonus chapter gives you practical advice and things to look for to make sure that your network – process and code will scale!

For more information:

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