The 8 Pitfalls Book has a New Friend in Distribution!

Don’t you just love making new friends? My 9-year-old daughter was telling me (recently) about the day she met her best friend. She said (and I quote)

“My frist day of kindergarten I met Halley. I said I like your hair, she said I like your hair, I said do you want to be best friends, she said yes and we have been best friends ever since”

And they have… Wouldn’t it be great if getting business partnership were that easy with such a positive outcome?

Well – The 8 Pitfalls has started what I hope to be that type of partnership with IAPP – International Accounts Payable Professionals. IAPP has agreed to post on their website ( market and help promote The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation to their members (YEA!)

The “rub” is the $19,99 book price will only be available for IAPP members. However, IAPP has said that I can keep the price ($19.99) until the relationship “officially starts” which is May 1st.

To get your copy – click here to buy. – Enter discount code: AG2XH95C to receive the book at the introductory price of $19.99

For more information go to

Oh (P.S.) I didn’t ask IAPP about their hair 🙂

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