Have you ever run out of things to talk about? (What is next?)

Not me…  I was wondering if the Accounts Payable Community will ever run out of things to talk about.

That’s a good questions. From my perspective there are two more books to write (Don’t really know what is after that). One is 50% complete and the other I am starting to gather notes. Here are the titles (for now).

  1. 2 Reasons You Will Not Automate
  2. Going Green in Accounts Payable

Both are companion books to The 8 Pitfalls. The difficult part about writing a book on emerging technology; by the time the book is completed there are parts (if not all) that are out-dated. I (trying to stay humble) think a did a good job with The 8 Pitfalls keeping it up to date by not writing about features. If I wrote a feature book… most to all aspect would be useless. However there are two topics that I have learned more about since the book was written and released. That is why people don’t automate and the key role of acquiring electronic data to optimize automation. That’s what the next two books are about.

More to come…

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