What do webinars and geese have in common?

I was brainstorming on weekly blog topics, and this one popped into my head. I am very fortunate to be asked to do a lot of webinars, and asked to come back. I have come to realize that the real measurement of success for my webinars is the number of times an organization asks me to do a webinar.   Not the same topic, of course, but I do seem to be asked to do a lot on cost per invoice. I guess that’s my thing.  I have found that the webinars that have had the most positive impact on attendees had a few common trends:

  1. It takes a team
  2. Everyone pulls together
  3. Encouragement goes a long way
  4. If one is down – we are all down

Have you ever wondered why geese fly in a “V” formation? Here’s your explanation. The lead goose does most of the work. The geese behind the lead goose get a lift from the flapping in front. This allows the entire group to fly 71% further than any one goose. Next time you see a flock flying in a “V” roll down your window or make a point to listen to the “honking”. The honking are from the geese in the back that are encouraging the one in the front to keep pushing. When the lead goose gets tired that goose will peel off and go to the back to take a rest. If all of that’s not interesting enough, then the next aspect, to me, is the most remarkable and the one aspect I believe we can learn the most from. That is if one goose become ill or is injured two other geese will stay with the one that is having trouble until it dies or gets better. Once the injured goodse is better the three will pace each other back into the pack.

Those webinars I have done that didn’t seem to work as well or (once – thankfully it hasn’t been more) were a complete disaster can be traced back to the four points above. We didn’t work together, we all weren’t on the same page, there were multiple agendas from different people, there was no encouragement, and when things went wrong fingers started getting pointed. I am thankful for those experiences. To be clear, they were early in my career, because believe me when the marketing groups are working together now the people who follow-up on the webinars are in-sync with the message, and the message delivered during the webinar is relevant to the attendees. When it all works, we all fly 71% further, and it’s a great thing.

I would love to hear from you, and about your webinar experiences.

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