Presentation Tips on a AP Automation Site?

That’s right, I am trying something a little different. I have a lot of sales people along with accountants reading my articles, so I wanted to give more advice on presenting and presentation skill. I hope that it’s something we can all learn a little more from.

Why Me?

Well, I am fortunate that I get positive feedback from my presentations. I like to speak in person and on webinars as much as I can. Here are the numbers. In 2012 I 532 live presentations. in 12 different countries. The large majority of those presentations were over the internet. I like to tell people that I created a positive presenting style because of trial and error, and sometime you learn more from the error than the trial. I am a big proponent of learning from my failures and successes. Even if something is done well, there is always room for improvement.

For Now:

Weekly I will post an article on presenting, and I will be getting my material from an eBook that I have just completed called, “The Best Presentation of Your Life“. The book is for sale in the AP Automation News store, and I will link to it at the end of each article. If there seems to be interest in the topic, I will continue to write. If the interest dies off then I will stick to my automation articles.

As Always:

Let me know what you think! Thanks!

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