An Excellent Presenter Knows the 6 Minute Rule

More on presenting. I tell the groups that I talk with about presenting that a good presenter is trained, a great presenter is train and practices and an excellent presenter is trained, practices and learns from every event. That’s a true statement, but another thing excellent presenters do is employ strategies. One of those strategies is the what I like to call the 6 minute rule. 

The Set Up

The set up to the six-minute rule comes from sessions being interactive. How many times have you gone to a presentation and wished they would have handed out guns to put you out of your misery? Well that might be a little extreme, but boredom can do strange things to a person. I had a colleague who came back from a regional event where the presenter talked for two hours straight about accounting system reporting.  I really believe that presenter have great intentions and terrible strategy. The six-minute rules helps audiences become engaged. 

Let’s Face It

The better the presentation the more the audience will be involved. (And) There is probably a case to be made that an interactive group makes for a better presentation because the audience is driving the material and not the presenter.

The Rule

The six-minute rule is that if you get your audience to participate within the first six minutes of your presentation you are seven time more likely to have them interact through the rest of your time. SEVEN TIMES!!! It almost insure that you have a lively audience. (And) An interactive lively audience is a group of people who really have an opportunity of getting the most out of your presentation.

Happy Presenting!

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