Friday Inspiration – Is It Outcome or Effort?

I can only think of one other time that I didn’t post about AP Automation or presenting. Today will be the second day.

Outcome or Effort?

One of the principles I hold my kids to is that I will judge them on their effort not their outcomes. It is usually about their grades. I believed that if they gave their best effort then the grade was irrelevant. The interesting things that I have found is if my kids give their best effort, in anything they do, the outcome is always high and very positive.


In stage 11 of the Tour De France (I am a big cycling fan) I was struck to the point of tears (I am man enough to admit that) of a cyclist effort. Tony Gallopin, who just two days earlier lost the overall lead (it’s a three-week race of over 2,000 miles, and the winner has the lowest total time) held off the charging field of sprinters to win the stage. It was pretty dramatic.


There Was More

Gallopin’s winning the stage wasn’t the inspiring things. It was Andrew Talansky. Talansky is an American that rides the same brand of bike that I do (his cost more) so I am a big fan. Within the last three days Talansky was involved in two crashes and had been battling an infection. The tour is difficult, but being that beat-up it makes it even more difficult Talansky found himself in trouble to the point that he was behind the entire race and losing time fast. Most people give up… he physically was unable to go on, even to the point to where he stopped on the side of the road.


And Then…

I was watching this unfold with my boys and was upset that the guy I cheered for was abandoning the race. Then he did something that I think will stick with me for the rest of my life. He got back on his bike and finished the race dead last… 30 minutes behind everyone else. He said that he did it for his teammate and his family. It was one of the most inspiring thing I have ever seen. Thanks Andrew!


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