This Is The Most Random Article Of My Entire Life

904 followers, 430 articles, 1120 tweets and countless numbers of re-tweets and re-blogs and I have no idea what I am doing. Well, I know the subject matter, Accounts Payable Automation, but from the time I have started my site to now I am at a crossroads.

The Devil?

When I think of crossroads I think of a blues musician selling his (or her) soul to the devil. Besides being in the details, the devil’s work is not about this site or its content. However, I believe that I haven’t be entirely transparent about my motives and situation. This is why this article is random, because my non-transparency isn’t or wasn’t intended to mislead anyone, it has just become a matter of changing priorities and shifting opportunities. How about a little history?

In The Beginning

I started this site and articles to support the books that I have written (to this point are eight). I wanted to approach readers with pure education of Accounts Payable Automation. I also intentionally left out the fact that I work for an automation service provider, AvidXchange. I truly believed that being a service provider wasn’t important information, however it is the source of my experience. I started AvidXchange’s customer service, training, project management and consulting practice. I did 89 Accounts Payable Automation project by myself. I didn’t have any of that fancy… you know… help. More recently I have created AvidXchange’s sales process and most of my days are spent helping sales reps work through deal strategy. It was a great experience that I would trade for nothing. I call it my MBA, but it was so much more than that.

Now What?

When I started this blog, I sold some books (thanks!) but what started to happen, which has been much more valuable, is I have found what messages and content resonate with people. I have used that information to create eBooks and speaking sessions for conferences. This site has become a testing ground for me to make sure that my session are relevant. Things are changing, and that’s good. It looks like I am not going to be doing many accounts payable conferences or webinars next year. I have a book coming out in the middle of next year but it is about AvidXchange as a company, and my most popular sessions are on presentation and sales skills. I guess you can say that I am becoming more than just AP Automation. I am most interested in the presentation and sales skills because there is so much to teach on good communication.


Thus is my crossroads. Do I stick with AP Automation content, do I expand and put more Avid stuff in it, do I add my presentation and sales skill stuff, do I find someone who would like to buy the content or leave Avid and start my own business using this site as a platform. I would love to know what you think.


PS – What ever I do I will get an editor to help me (you are welcome)!

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