Bathroom Attendants

Recently I traveled to Chicago to speak at a private event. On my way I noticed the Charlotte airport has bathroom attendants. The guy was nice enough. He was telling everyone to have a good day but I couldn’t help to think if he has a large amount of job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is not everything, after all it is a job, but working in a bathroom all day (I would think) would be an extremely difficult job. I did a little research. The average Bathroom Attendant makes $14,000 per year according to Simply Hired. With further research I found the correct title for the job was Washroom Attendant (much better title huh?) Wikipedia stated that attendants server different purposes depending on their location (bars, hotels…).

Now on to the automation part. In Japan at the cost of $45,000 (that’s 2.5 million yen) they have automated the washroom attendant. Isn’t that great an automated attendant. I wonder what the process was to justify spending $45.000 on something that would cost in salary $14,000 per year in the US. Maybe Japanese attendants make more than in the United States or just maybe the Japanese believe it was worth the money on the over 3 years to recoup their cost to not have someone staring at you while you in the bathroom. I think the video to the link below will support that point.!watch/285303

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