You can rent YOUR car…. Really? (8/15)

I couldn’t believe when I read the post from Tech Crunch. There is a company out there, FlightCar that has just started in the San Francisco area that will facilitate a transaction to allow you, the owner of your car, to rent it to a total stranger while you are not using it. My first thought was, “this is a GREAT idea”. I can make a little cash, get free parking at the airport and someone would be able to drive a pretty cool car for a week or so. Then I remember how well I treat rent-a-cars.

I was working on a project in Detroit about seven years ago. The weather turned bad (real bad) quickly. I just happen to be going back to the airport when it started raining so hard that I couldn’t see. There was serious local flooding. The flooding was so bad I could hear the water hitting the bottom of the car and started to see water seeping into the floor of the car. I finally got to the return counter where the young lady asked, “how in the world did you get through all that water?” Which I replied… “no offense but it’s a rental.”

I love this innovative idea on creating a company that needs expensive inventory and finds a way to not have to buy or maintain that inventory. If you think of this in terms of automation… where automation is only as good as the time and effort it frees up, this company has found a way to automate inventory and maintenance of automobiles. BRILLIANT!!!! But I wouldn’t want to rent to someone like me…

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