Have You Heard of Doing 2 Presentations?

This is the weekly installment of doing the best presentation of your life, based on the book (well) The Best Presentations of Your Life.

Think About It

If you really think about it we are all presenters of some sort. It’s just that some of us get paid for it and other of us don’t. Presenting an idea, thing or personal presentation involves communicating and timing, and both are important.

The Challenge

One of the big problems in presenting is knowing how much to say to the group without killing them with details. That’s why you see presenters standing up in front of people with tons of words and bullet points taking as fast as they can go and (worst) going over their time. That’s where the idea of two presentations comes in.

Presentation 1

The first presentation you should do is the one that people are going to see. This is the one that you do in Keynote or PowerPoint (which I will use as my example moving forward) or Prezi (one of my favorites). This is the one with stunning graphics, short messages and a flow that makes a point.

Presentation 2

Now this presentation can still be in PowerPoint but it’s a needs detail. A detail description of your topic, expanding on your points and elaborating on your material. Here are a few examples.

Examples 1: This is the slide that people will see. Notice that it has my graphic (the picture didn’t save very well – that’s why it looks a little out of focus) and a few words to make my point.


Examples 2: Note that this is the same slide as above, but in my second presentation it explains in detail the concept I am trying to convey.


The Art Of The Leave-Behind

People love… no, that’s not strong enough… people need a leave behind. Not everyone can “get” what you are saying. Eighty percent of the time they are thinking about what they are going to eat or what they just ate. As a presenter you have a small opportunity to catch a person with one to three ideas that will plant a seed that will eventually grow into a full-blown change. That’s why giving them information to consider after you presentation is so critical.


Creating two presentations may seem like a lot of work, however, the unintended consequence is that if you create the leave behind first it will help craft your conversation and put you in a great position to have excellent content when you get up in front of the group.

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