I am looking for a new sponsor! #APAutomation

I recently bought a GoPro. For those of you that don’t know what it is… it’s a camera that creates some pretty interesting angles which helps the viewer really understand where the film maker is coming from.

Used By

GoPro is mostly used by extreme athletes, like snowboarders, cyclists, base jumpers…. and now – PUBLIC SPEAKERS on the topic of AP Automation.


Click here to see the things Chris is qualified to speak on! – http://checkoutautomation.com/services/public-events/live-event-and-webinar-topics/

2 Replies to “I am looking for a new sponsor! #APAutomation”

  1. Great use of technology! Now with a GoPro we can follow ever step on your journey to automate AP.

  2. Chris, great post.

    Are you looking for more sponsors? Or is this related to go Pro?

    Lets catch-up want to know what’s happening in your world.

    Henry Ijams PayStream Advisors 704/951-7357


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