I Approved An Invoice On My Bike

I love to ride my bike. It’s great exercise, and on most days it’s great to be out in nature. I got the idea that I would approve an invoice on my bike just invoice_iphoneto prove how great being automated is. I didn’t wreck and I didn’t run over any small children, so I would say it was a big success!


Then I was asked to do a webinar on the subject of being mobile in accounting. I said.. I would do it… only if it was a live event where I could bring in experts to interview, and AvidXchange said, “SURE”.


Join me Wednesday at 2pm EST for a live event… not the old standard webinar where you get one or two people talking with a bunch of PowerPoint slides. Real people, talking about real important stuff in front of a live audience. You can be there via the power of the internet.

More Info:

Here is a link for more information:


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