Read To Your Kids On Summer Break #APAutomation

I haven’t made much of a big deal about this, but I have written, and it is now published a children’s book about Accounts Payable Automation. That’s right, you read that last sentence correctly. I think what we do in the industry of AP Automation and helping accounting departments go paperless is fascinating, so it should be shared with your children.

There Is Moreelmores

Not only will your children, grandchildren or kids in the neighborhood get to know the pain that comes with change when getting rid of the paper, they will have an opportunity to become part of the story. Each page has a scene for them to act out. It should be no secret that I have four kids and have been reading books and telling stories to them every opportunity I get. That means that this children’s book, The Princess And The Paper has been “field tested” like no other.

Not Just For Kids

If you don’t want to read it to your kids, you should buy a copy and read it to your senior management or board of directors. That’s the great thing about a children’s book is they can understand it too!

Buy My Books!

How about a children’s book? The Princess and the Paper – click here to buy

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