Shopping for AP Automation? How To Get The Best Deal – 3 Things

I like to tell people that I am on “support staff” when it comes to Christmas shopping. Support staff is; I follow my wife from store to store as she tries and hard as she can to stick to the task of buying things for others and not herself (as a little aside, my wife is an extremely generous person, but have you ever noticed that when you are looking for others you keep finding things you want and when you look for yourself you can’t find anything? – Back to support staff).  I follow my wife from store to store, on occasion hold her purse, get coffee and food, carry the bags and reinforce her decisions whenever possible. It sounds like a terrible job and like most men in my position my house, couch and football would be much more appealing, however, I actually like the event. To me, for some reason, it’s a lot of fun.


One things my wife and I don’t do is shop for deals. We are no good at price shopping, bargain hunting or couponing, so we just show up and buy. There is one place that I can get a good deal and that’s with Accounts Payable Automation. I believe that a “deal” with AP Automation doesn’t have anything to do with the cheapest solution you can find. It also doesn’t have anything to do with the most expensive solution you can find. The fact is “a deal” with AP Automation has nothing at all to do with price.

What? Not Price?

If you are shopping for AP Automation this holiday season the way to get the best deal falls under three things:

  1. Fit – Find the organization that knows you accounting or ERP system, especially if the solution provider has a partnership. Fit can also be established if the solution provider has experience in your industry.
  2. Guarantees – This is the greatest part of a good deal and that’s if the solution provider give guarantees for integration, performance or (my favorite) ROI, either time or money. Software companies give guarantees for two reasons; one – they know it will work and two – as an overt sign to limit your risk as the consumer. You will want to do business with a company that care about your risk.
  3. Impact – Third and final is impact. Look past what the software does and closer to how the service provider will change your organization. This can be both positive and negative.


I know this will hit my accounting and finance friends hard, because we spend our professional lives around money and getting our biggest bang, but with AP Automation, price is not everything and if you spend too much time on price negotiations, you may find yourself with an inexpensive solution that doesn’t work.

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