10 Emails You Need To Make Your AP Automation Work

One of the most frustrating things that I have to overcome with people who are new to AP Automation is the notion of what role email plays. I guess it’s natural to think that email can transmit an invoice from one approver to another or that approvals can be done by email, however if you do it that way you are setting yourself up for failure.


As a transition method email is not completely reliable. How many times have you had a conversation with someone that ended with, “let me check my junk mail”, and whatever critical piece of information was needed was saved away from view. Also, how secure is your email inbox. From my experience some companies are better than others about email security.

What’s It Good For?

With Accounts Payable Automation, email is great as a source of reminders and reporting. I like to tell people the AP Automation system is a “disinterested third party” that pokes your people to action. It’s great for things like that because automation software doesn’t have feeling that can get hurt, agendas or burnout. Email is the perfect vehicle to deliver that type of message.

The List

For your reading pleasure here is a list of emails that you need to make AP Automation work:

  1. Invoices in your queue, waiting for approval.
  2. Invoices that are past its approval time (escalated)
  3. Exception invoices like, duplicate invoice number, missing information or missing vendor
  4. Invoices over budget
  5. Invoices using a certain GL (for things like capitalized expenses)
  6. Past due invoices
  7. Invoices where the discount is going to expire
  8. Missing invoice (great for utilities)
  9. Invoices for accrual
  10. Invoices with no attention, meaning that a person isn’t responsible

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