Why Accountants Don’t Get Asked To Parties

I don’t know if that’s 100% true. I have been to a lot of parties with accountants, but come to think of it they have all been at accounting conferences. I do have a goal at each conference to be in my room by 9pm which insures that I am out-of-the-way of the heavy partying. There is a perception that accountant are no fun at parties.

8 Books

I have written eight books on the topic of accounting, accounts payable and AP Automation. Three of the books are paper back (even though I am paperless) and the other five are eBooks, which are shorter and normally about a single topic (like basis points). When people find out that I have written books, their first reaction is “that great!” and their natural second reaction is, “what are they about?” After that the conversation dies, which my normal come back to the lack of interest in my topic is, “I am a lot of fun at parties”.


As I get older, and you already know about my 9pm rule, the idea of going to parties never-the-less being the life of a party becomes less and less interesting to me. However, there is a thought being asked to a party means there is some type of acceptance.

Bad Rap

Accounting and finance professionals get such a terrible rap. I have thought a lot about this because accounting is such a noble profession. Think of what we do for companies… if we think of it we make sure that companies operate. At my company the CEO refers to money as oxygen. It’s true, if money is oxygen then the accountant is the doctor that runs the life support.

Do This

If you read this message make sure you give your accounting or finance person a pat on the back today and thank them for a job well done. If you are an accounting and finance person…

Keep Up The Good Work!

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