I am on a roll – setting up your cost.

Now that I am in the third week of helping you calculate your cost per invoice and cost per payment, these next few days are going to be wrapping it all up my helping you with a concrete, black and white (no shades of gray) way of knowing your number. The best way to do this is to put the information you have gathered on a spreadsheet. The great thing about putting your cost information on a spreadsheet is:

  1. Everybody loves a good spreadsheet
  2. It is a great way to communicate your ideas

Who doesn’t like a spreadsheet? The numbers are what they are… there are no emotions attached to the sheet… once you put a number in one cell you can have that cell work with other numbers in other cells…. that is why everyone loves a good spreadsheet.

As far as the communication is concerned, once you have your spreadsheet set you can share that non-emotional document that clearly spells out your change, as well as present information to others who love spreadsheets too. One of the great things about working with accounting and finance people is we all like spreadsheets. Two weeks ago I wrote about defining automation as only being as good as the time that is freed up. Last week I wrote about finding your number in five steps. This week, because I am on a roll, I am going to help you build that spreadsheet to make your case for change airtight.

Stay tuned this week for more information.

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