Capitalizing on Opportunities


Yesterday I wrote about executing on change. In the middle of the post I wrote that those organization that are more prepared can capitalize on opportunities. It’s true, one of the great side benefits to doing good change management is the ability to have more time to search, evaluate and capture opportunities.

Here are a few of the great things a well-organized change machine are able to capitalize on when automating accounting processes.

  1. Additional Time Savings
  2. Reporting Opportunities
  3. Better Process
  4. Big Raise

In the middle of an automation project you can find areas that were previously unknown for time savings. I have seen this with larger companies that were unable to do a comprehensive process map. I have found that the original maps weren’t off,  however getting into the details there were places that were undocumented because of their size.

Reporting opportunities comes from an organization that is set on improvement realizes that workflow can accommodate for a lot of process change but upon a closer review the person in the approval process could be better served with a report rather than a step in the workflow.

Thirdly, by having the time and low stress of an implementation the original idea of the process can be greatly improved by testing and getting feedback on assumptions which creates a better process.

Lastly, you and your team will deserve a big raise because of all of the upfront work that was done so well.

Look at the things you are able to do when change is done right. When change is done wrong in the middle of the change you have infighting, backbiting, finger-pointing, covering tracks, setups, teardowns, smokescreens, long days and no fun. My point here is even if you have a well planned change management process you will still run into problems, but it is in the handling of as many problems as you can upfront which will allow you time for the problems you weren’t able to anticipate.

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