How Will You Know You Have Changed?


Well this seems like an obvious question with an easy answer… things will look different… things will work different. That’s not what I am want to write about. The  things that make good, well planned and organized change work so well are two…

  1. Benchmark Reconciliation
  2. Evaluation

Benchmark reconciliation is simply looking at the data you uncovered in your benchmarking phases of change and matching it up with your results. To review, benchmarking is the beginning phase of change that allows you to create a number based process. The key is “number based”.  When tracking change the numbers allow you a black and white path. At the end of the process or path the numbers you originally uncovered will tell if you have changed. The best example in Accounting Automation is to establish a current cost for the process (I also call this Cost Per Invoice). When you have found your current cost you, will take that number and at the end of the change and do the same evaluation to find your new cost.  If you have met or exceeded your number, congratulation – you have changed!

Benchmark reconciliation is a great way to know you have changed, but it is only one piece to knowing if you have changed. An evaluation of the process can give you a glimpse into the emotional side of change. Using benchmarks is great because of its black and white nature, but it eliminates the people side or the emotional side. I dedicated an entire Pitfall (7) to the evaluation process. I remind as many people as I can that change and automation  is never an event and always a process. If you would like a copy of the 7th Pitfall, fill out the form below and I will email it to you.

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