Guest Blogger – Lose the Paper Weight #APAutomation

It’s January. The most common phrase floating around is, “This will be the year”. We all start our ceremonious exercise regimens and health kicks with all intentions of losing the weight, and keeping it off. The main difference between success and failure with these goals is the ability to stay committed to the change. And change is one of those tricky words that elicits simultaneous excitement and fear. As you got back into the office after the holidays, did you think about all the losethepapercheck stock you needed to order, did you look at your desk and all of the paper invoices on it, and think, “This will be the year I change it?” It could be the year that you eliminate paper invoices and checks from your Accounts Payable and payment processes, and keep the paper weight off for good. You may look at Accounts Payable and Payment Automation the same way that most people look at the latest diet craze, and you may immediately think, “How is this possible? And if it’s really that easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?”

The 45-Day Plan that Works

Well, we have a 45-day plan that keeps the paper weight off for good, and it’s easier than you think. It starts by us understanding your workflow and approval processes today, so that while we’re eliminating all of the paper and inefficiencies associated with paper we maintain and improve the controls you have in place. Then, once we understand your process we customize the workflows in our software to mimic your current processes. Over the last ten years, and more than 400 client implementations we’ve developed a proven plan for successful transition from paper-based processes to automated AP process that has three phases and can be easily completed in 45 days.

The Cleanse: Vendor Data Clean-Up

Just like jump starting a great diet, cleaning up your Vendor Data enhances the benefits of automation. While we don’t want to think about it, Tax Season is right around the corner, and if we start preparing now then it will go more smoothly. By cleaning up your Vendor Database you are able to identify errors and correct them, as well as add in any missing data. Standardized and complete data creates a basis for dependable analysis. Your company should also make sure that they are always obtaining a W9, or an equivalent form, prior to vendor setup and payment. To learn more best practices, like these, please join us for our educational webinar on Wednesday, January 15, “The AP Cleanse that Works”.

Enjoying Life after Losing the Paper Weight

So, you’ve implemented AP and payment automation and eliminated all of the paper invoices and checks from your processes. Your approval timeframes are getting increasingly shorter now that approvers have 24/7 access from anywhere. Your team is elated, because they no longer have to do manual data entry, mail out paper invoices for approval, or order check stock. They have all of this new time available, and this is where another great benefit from automation is realized. Author and Automation Expert, Christopher Elmore, has been writing on this topic for the last several years to assist companies in gaining the maximum return on their investment. Join him for his webinar on Wednesday, January 22, “Lose the Paper Weight” to learn more.

By Jennifer IttenbachJen Photo

Jen Ittenbach has been writing since she first received a pencil. Her passion for writing, and desire not to be a starving artist led her to UNCW where she graduated with a double major in Creative Writing and Business Marketing in 2006 from the University of North Carolina in Wilmington. Her non-traditional blend of majors set the stage for her interesting career path which has woven together the business world and the creative spirit. Starting out at ThirdRail Creative Studios as a young professional and Marketing Coordinator her love for advertising flourished and she found her niche as a copy writer, designer, and account executive. After some time in the professional world, she returned to school to obtain her Master’s in International Marketing from Elon University, which she graduated with in 2010. Today, she works for AvidXchange, Inc. in Charlotte, NC as their Marketing Communications Manager. In her spare time she writes non-fiction stories, makes inappropriate e-cards for her friends, and gets into trouble as frequently as possible.

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