15 Terrible Pieces of Advice You Should Ignore With AP Automation – Webinar

About two months ago I wrote an article about the 15 Terrible Pieces of AP Automation Advice You Should Ignore. In all of my days (I am southern) I have never seen a response from a topic. I had more people tweet, re-tweet, re-blog, blog, post, like, talk about, and read the article. I have gotten more response from that one article than all of my others combined for that entire week. I guess it struck a chord with people.

What Next?

Knowing this, the fine folks at AvidXchagne have asked me to do a webinar on that very subject.

Join me: http://www.avidxchange.com/landing/15advicewebinar

… And You Will Get!

      • Prospective on AP Automation Advice
      • 15 Things You Can Use
      • An eBook on The Topic
      • A Laugh

If you can’t make it… stay tuned because I will give you access to the eBook as well as recording from the webinar.

See you online!

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3 Replies to “15 Terrible Pieces of Advice You Should Ignore With AP Automation – Webinar”

    1. Well – we will miss you…. stay tuned to the blog, I am going to post video from the webinar as well as an eBook.

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