There is Time and Then There is Time is Running Out! #APAutomation

I write a lot about time because it is a measurable by-product of Accounts Payable Automation. People have to know when they have been successful and the best way to do that is to benchmark… That’s why time is so important to automation.

More Time

There are a lot of sayings around time,”Time is money”, “Times are a changin”, “Too much time on my hands”. For us in the United States, time is our unofficial currency. It is the thing we tend to guard and give because it has great value to us. Time also can be a motivator. The recent advent of the “bucket list” is an example, and it seems like every time you turn the TV on there is a commercial that is begging you to ask fast because time is running out, only to see the same ad days later.

Time and Automation

As the title states, there is the time that is the natural by-product of automation and then there is the motivator of time running out… That’s what this article is about… time running out. I get really upset when, in a sales process, the salesperson pressures someone or team to make a decision. You know what I am writing about… “You have to do this… You know it good for you… There is nothing else to consider…” All these are sad attempts to close the deal. The challenge is the salesperson is convinced, but the prospective client isn’t. This is very poor selling and beware of this type of strategy (or lack there of).

Don’t Forget the Facts:

Good decisions are made on facts and then backed up with emotions. In the decision-making process you must have a balance of both or making the decision will leave you with a bad taste that pulling the trigger because impossible.

I counsel people on knowing their cost per invoice, their return on investment and their new time allocation. These numbers will clearly tell you if Accounts Payable Automation will work for you or not. Then… if you read my articles consistently you will know, that I counsel a lot on people knowing their impact that the change will leave on their organization. This is where gut comes in, You know your people and your know what timing is best. If you don’t, you have to find this out because you don’t want to go into a decision blind.

Next Time

(So) Next time a salesperson tries to pressure you into a decision. Say I don’t have enough facts and I don’t have a good sense for this, and then with great confidence say, “if it makes so much sense to you… then you buy it yourself”.

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