Did You Know That Workflow Was The Same Thing As A Hawaiian Shirt?

When I think of a Hawaiian shirt, I think of Magnum PI. That’s right… very sorry younger readers, you may have no idea who this is. Not to worry, I really don’t either. I remember when the show was popular (yes, it was popular) but I never watched it. For all you how did watch here is a nice picture to remind you:

magnumpiI do, however, as I wrote in the first sentence, think of Magnum PI when forced to think of Hawaiian shirts. I have to admit that I have owned a few Hawaiian shirts in my time,  but have never been able to get them to work for me. These shirts are fun and colorful as well as conveys an attitude about the person either being in a state of rest or relaxation or someone who doesn’t really have much fashion sense. Whatever the reason for the attire, did you know that workflow and a Hawaiian shirt were the same thing?

What is Workflow

To make sure that I am not assuming anything about you the reader, workflow is a predetermined – electronic approval process. The great thing about workflow is it is tractable, repeatable and it embeds a lot of security. Workflow is technically the engine that runs Accounts Payable Automation.


When an invoice is attached to a workflow process the administrators as well as the day-to-day users can see and track the invoice. Not only will you be able to see the invoice’s progress (or lack there of) you will know if any changes have been made and how long people are holding on to invoices.


One huge benefit to workflow is it creates a standardized process that everyone has to use (as long as the permission are set correctly). This standardization gives a company the ability to repeat their process across departments, regions and the entire organization.


Tracking and standardization has everything to do with security. One of the most difficult parts of my job is to convince people who when the paper is gone in AP the security gets better. There is a through that if there are no paper invoice then there is less control. This notion is false. Be warned, however, there will be less control from the individual level (to hide or hold invoices) but there will be more controls company wide.


Did you know that workflow was the same things as a Hawaiian shirt? Well, really… they have nothing in common. I just wanted to get your attention with a snappy title… sorry.

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