Process Improvement 101 = Everything a Beginner Should Know #APAutomation

There is nothing wrong with being a beginner. There is something wrong with being a beginner and not wanting to tell anyone, and acting like you are a master. Even worst, if you think you are a master and tell everyone you are and try to boss people around, when really you are a beginner… Oh sorry about that, a little corporate america frustration showing.

In The Beginning

In the beginning there was an original process (I bet you thought I was going to say light – but that too is a process). The funny thing about an original process is most people don’t know where it came from and why (technically) it was created. I have counseled people on, if they know who created the process you can find out why it was created. There are six things a beginner should know about process improvement.

1. Focus on impact – One of the true signs of a beginner is spend too much time on the execution of the process change (like software installation) rather than the big picture… Why!

2. Make sure it service people – Save yourself from just buying and installing the latest and greatest by making sure your process improvement ultimately helps your people.

3. All should have input, but only a few should have decisions – Keep the decision group as small as you can, but more than one, because you never know where a good idea will come from.

4. Not everything is an improvement – Change for change sake is a terrible things. I see this with people who are new to a company and wanting to make a big and immediate impact. There is nothing wrong with that , but take a warning from point number one and find the why.

5. Experience goes a long way – I know this much seem like a strange bit of advice because it’s for beginners but with process improvement you can draw experience from other aspect of the business.

6. Don’t fear the change – Ultimately process improvement is change. Most people don’t like change until they know what it is for and why it is happening.

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