How To Grow Your Company With AP Automation

I don’t know about you companies seem to be getting over the whole recession (depression) thing. I don’t really consider myself to be an economist or financial analyst, but (finger to the wind) businesses don’t seem to be less uptight about spending money.

In Bad Times

Accounts Payable Automation is an interesting things. I have lived through two significant downturns in the world’s economy, and when things are going bad people buy AP Automation to streamline, cut positions and (as they say in Boone NC – my hometown) hunker down.

Time To Grow

In good times, (again – finger to the wind) when companies are spending money they look to use AP Automation to fuel good intelligent growth.


(Thanks for asking) I met a company in 2002. That company (it’s a big name that I don’t have permission to use) and I worked on a plan to help double in size. They are a real estate company that was looking at buying as many building as they could with the current staff that they had. At that time the economy was slow because of the tech-stock hangover, but this company was smart (truthfully – the smartest company I have ever worked with). Notice in my set up that their goal was to grow to their current’s staff’s capacity. Well, accounting was a problem because of the paper, which I fixed, and the growth machine was in full gear. (I guess I need to get to the how) – With AP Automation they were able to free up enough time, people and effort to grow their company because they didn’t have to open the mail, shuffle paper, do data entry and file.


The outcome was pretty clear, the company because they let AP Automation do as many manual task as possible without giving up the control (like coding and approving), was able to grow without adding accounting staff, but they didn’t double – they quadrupled.

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