Paper Invoices Aren’t Dead – 3 Ways to still use them #APAutomation

 I am inspired by this French companies ad that paper still has a good future

I hope you saw the entire video… it’s worth it.


Paper invoice have future too. I must admit that I am not a very big fan. When I am helping a company get rid of the paper and they ask me about question about printing the invoices, I always tell them how the feature works and then say, “but if you do print an invoice… a little piece of me dies every time.”


The common reaction is that there has to be a paper file of the invoices if there is a need for the “legal invoice”. It important to know that if an exact copy of the invoice is made, and that invoice is saved in a system that can call that exact copy up and (this is the key) the original invoice (paper) is destroyed then the electronic copy become the legal document. Hey, but paper in not dead, here are the three ways you will find paper invoice even after you have automated.

  1. Documents with raised seals. There aren’t really any invoices that have raised seals, but on occasion there are supporting document to the invoice that need that seal. In that case the invoice is always paper because it needs to accompany those documents.
  2. Construction – Just like the first point, construction invoices come with supporting documentation. Usually a bid, sign off, or a waiver. But unlike the raised seals theses invoice can be scanned, they are just not good candidates for outsource scanning… you don’t want these invoices to go to a processing center.
  3. They just don’t know better. There is a large group of vendors who send their invoices and will always send their invoices to you by way of paper because they don’t know there is an alternative. Communication with electronic methods is the key, but there will still be a small group of vendors that will send you paper because that’s what they have always done.

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