What I learn in the last 12 hours about Cost Per Invoice


I had an interesting conversation with a person who sells Accounts Payable Automation. She lives and works in San Diego… so the first thing I asked her was, “if you looked out your window do you see any celebrities?” She said, “No.”I thought that people who live in Southern California see celebrities all the time… oh well.

We were talking about Cost Per Invoice (what a shock), and I was explaining, when you analyze numbers that impact change, you have the ability to better serve your clients as they go through the process of figuring out if automation will work for them. As I weaved my brilliant strategies and long answers to a simple question, I asked her what she thought. She said, “It’s almost like buying a house. The Realtor has the buyer talk to a bank to see if it is worth both the buyers’ and seller’s time.” I told her that was exactly what it was like.  It was a perfect analogy to explain that Cost Per Invoice benefits both the client and the sales person as each are determining if automation would be worth the time and effort of going  through the process. Then I got mad that I didn’t think of the analogy first. 🙂

If you want to know more about Cost Per Invoice and how to find your number, join me for a webinar this Tuesday on the subject, “5 Steps to Determining Your Cost Per Invoice

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