Can Accountants think motivationally?


Don’t worry, I looked it up “Motivationally” is a word. The dictionary said, “the act or instant of  motivating”. One of the quotes that I catch a lot of grief about is a line in The Argument to Automate, where I said that “accountants got into the business of accounting so they wouldn’t have to deal with people” (p.101). I have quoted that line in live presentations to partial laughter and mostly groans. The quote comes from the fact that people who are analytical in nature, which is what you want in an accountant (imagine a free-flowing creative person as an accountant?) typically don’t like to deal with emotions or things that are gray like motivation.

Well, times have changed and so have accountants. Today’s accountant has those analytical skills along with “people skills” to motivate the masses to get the job done. In my estimation those who view automation in accounting as motivational are ahead of the game. If you want more information,  I am going to talk today at 4pm EST more about this idea on a webinar.

Here is were all of this is coming from. I wrote a blog months ago that got a lot of attention within the finance world. It described an encountered that I had with a CFO and how he was tired of his skilled people doing unskilled things. Today I am going to prove that accountants can be motivational… I hope you can join me.

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