Benchmarking Change

Have you ever heard the saying, “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will lead you there”? The writer Lewis Carroll wrote those words. No truer words have ever been written about change.

Benchmarking change is one of my favorite subject to write about. If you read my books or this blog just about everything refers back to the traditional method of searching for an automation service provider. It is almost like I am on a journey to destroy the traditional method of searching for an automation service provider.  The traditional method starts with an internet search, then a few calls to service providers with the best website, followed by endless rounds of demoing to end up with a few vendors that look exactly the same with the same pricing and no clear winner. I write about this scenario in The Argument to Automate as an unassuming Controller presents his findings of service providers to the board of directors and as he weaves his message of bells and whistles they stop him to ask how much will it cost… and then the fun begins as the chorus of “there is no way we can afford that” brings all dreams of automation to a halt.

The way to get around having your dreams crushed is to pursue a principle that I like to call benchmarked change. Benchmarked change has three phases and one remarkable outcome. The phases are:

  1. Phase One – Inventory
  2. Phase Two – Communication
  3. Phase Three – Execution

I have already written about one and I will write about the rest, but I want to spoil the ending by noting if you use these three phases the outcome will be positive change where everyone is on the same page, pushing and pulling in the same direction with no one losing their mind or job. It seems like a tall order, however not only is it possible but in my opinion it is the only way to go about changing  anything.

Stay tuned this week for more on change!

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